The design solves the problem of office sprawl and the excess space dedicated to immovable furniture, through a very simple and intuitive approach. The design is a foldable office units, which package and entire work station into an appealing, small and self-contained box, to save space and make installation as simple as setting the project in place. The goal is to ‘hideaway’ office clutter in a sleek modular unit that accentuates modern design.

When users are finished with work, each slides back; cabinets flip shut and the desk folded away, so that each piece of furniture is packaged in one, nearly flat unit against the wall.

The simplicity of the design celebrates the idea of having a multiple use office space through using simple and intuitive office furniture systems, which gives the opportunity of creating various spaces in one place.  This design strategy gives the chance of creating more part time workspaces, instead of permanent workstations in one place, thus facilitating the progress of increasing the ratio of usable spaces in an office.