Your path in life is not a straight line. It is a series of twists and turns, ups and downs, darkness and brightness. There are periods in life, feeling as if you are lost and clueless, hopeless and helpless and times you feel as if you’re almost completely unbeatable.

In Venice, wood, In the form of vertical stakes forms the foundation of Venice. Thus the whole concept is conveyed through the use of wood panels, which are of the same thickness and different cut inside. They create a journey for visitors to face different feelings through different directions and shapes. The verticality of the design elements that are pine wood columns mimics the verticality of the heavy wooden pillars of Venice. The horizontality of the whole design introduces the tranquil horizon of Venice and rhythm of Italy arcade passages.

It is interesting to se what path we took in life, and what we have been through. Through this design the visitors can experience different feelings and take a look at the whole path that they took at the end. Therefore this space is considered to be and emotive space.